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Nutrional Values of Chocolate

The nutrional values of chocolate are widely debated. Significant scientific studies show that dark chocolate has a healthy effect on the circulatory system. There is still some dispute about this. Other reputable scientific results show that positive resutls include brain stimulation, mood elevator, anti-cancer benefits, antidiarrheal agents, and prevention of coughs and colds. The aphrodisiac effect is at this point unproven.

The oxidation of LDL cholesterol is a substantial contributor to heart disease. The polyphenols contained within chocolate is an inhibitor of LDL oxidation. Moreover, melting chocolate in the mouth has been found to increase brain activity. This increased activity apparently lasts longer than other stimulants. In elderly people chocolate has been found to increase cognitive abilities, although some studies also show that it increases the propensity for osteoporosis.

Chocolate is energy rich, and without corresponding exercise, will enhance obesity. Chocolate absorbs toxins from the environment during processing. Lead is one easily absorbed toxin, and some chocolates have been found to have elevated levels of lead. Recent studies have shown that the ingestion of high levels of chocolate is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease. Controversy aside, chocolate appears to have more substantial benefits than ever before thought.