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Why Moshik's

It’s customized, it’s personalized and it’s fresh. If there was anything to describe MoShik’s™ Homemade Chocolates in simple words, this is it. As the essence lures your taste buds, the chocolates ooze out their smooth sumptuous taste at once. A delightful treat that can be rendered only by a handmade chocolate-making process. Factory techniques are for masses.

Right from celebrating a special occasion, to consolidating your friendship; from expressing your love for someone, to simply celebrating life; call any joyous event and our chocolates serve as a perfect gifting solution. Especially for you can flaunt your name on top of it.

We firmly believe in delivering excellent quality home made chocolates to all our customers, each piece carefully crafted and prepared with you in mind. Our chocolates are always fresh, and made to order. Unlike some other chocolate shops, we do not mass produce our chocolates or store them overnight. All our orders are freshly prepared, on the day you require. This guarantees each piece of chocolate is fresh and delicious.We open up an entire world of feelings and festivities which takes you beyond imagination.

Advantages – Why @ “MoShik’s™”, How special we are from others :-

” MoShik’s™ ” Homemade Chocolates Always Stays Fresh & Hygienic.

” MoShik’s™ “ Homemade Chocolates are 100% Pure Veg.

” MoShik’s™ “ Homemade Chocolates made without Adding any Extra Flavors Such As Gelatin (FAT JELLY OR PIGS SHIT), Dissoluble Chemicals, Etc …

” MoShik’s™ “ Homemade Chocolates are Rich in Calories & Smooth in Quality.

” MoShik’s™ “ Homemade Chocolates are made on demand based on quantity.

” MoShik’s™ “ Homemade Chocolates serves with Customized Packing option in different Size & Shapes which are available.

” MoShik’s™ “ Homemade Chocolates has more than top 50 Varieties with different toppings.

” MoShik’s™ “ Homemade Chocolates serve & deliver at any part of India.

” MoShik’s™ “ Homemade Chocolates are rare chocolates at present you never get it in the normal markets.

Note : *(Prices will vary as per the chocolate lists & packing required).


Compare MoShik’s Homemade Chocolates with Factory Made Chocolates and see the difference yourself…..